Ubuntu VPS Enterprise


vps3 ubu

check-mark-md 2 Core CPU
check-mark-md 8192 MB RAM Dedicated VPS
check-mark-md 2048 MB SWAP
check-mark-md 120 GiB HDD Raid10 HW
check-mark-md Unlimited Traffic
check-mark-md 50 MbiT VPSUnlimited Traffic
check-mark-md 1 IPV4 Native
check-mark-md Datacenter in Switzerland
check-mark-md Telephone Support 24h
check-mark-md Multilingual Assistance
check-mark-md Trouble Ticket Assistance


VPS Upnethosting benefits:

check-mark-md Top range architectures at reduced prices
check-mark-md Higher levels of service andguarantees compared to VPS on the market
check-mark-md Designed, tested and optimized VPS for Web use
check-mark-md Simple distributions which can beinstalled at any time


Why VPS : 
check-mark-md Start a project of personal or professional development
check-mark-md Take your first steps with a server, without worrying about the hardware
check-mark-md Follow your development at an incredible value
check-mark-md Save time with turnkey environments


The release of the VPS based on Ubuntu integrates Web and Email hosting services, such as CMS admin interface and solutions for turnkey e-commerce . The Upnethosting VPS can be delivered with pre­installed and optimized web applications.

Direct access to the administration interface to  FTP service and PHPMyAdmin in order to customize your sites by the time you install the server.

Versione UBUNTU 12.04
HyperVisor :Vmware vSphere 5
SW Vmware Data Protection Manager
Blade Server con configurazione Xeon biprocessore con 128 GB di RAM
SLA : superiori al 99.9%. This figure is based on statistical surveys and can not be guaranteed in each individual case.