UPnet.hosting is a trademark of Forcontact Europe SA, a Swiss company based in Chiasso.

Why a Swiss Provider?


With the proliferation of cloud computing becomes more and more ‘difficult to determine where the data stored on the servers of a hosting service provider actually resides.

Switzerland has always been synonymous with safety and confidentiality. The Swiss legislation on data protection and privacy are among the most ‘accurate in Europe. The long tradition of confidentiality and neutrality and the Swiss legislation are certainly highly attractive and are a major reason why many customers choose a provider in Switzerland. Laws in Switzerland carefully protect the privacy and confidentiality of data. In order to access the information you need to follow a specific procedure and obtain specific authorizations, unlike many other countries where this happens almost automatically.







UPnet.hosting dispenses its services with two redundant data centers in Swiss territory and structures of particular offering reliable hosting services, housing and collocations can ensure high levels of service that accompany assistance 7/h24



The data centers are located in Ticino (Switzerland) with redundant fiber optic connections on path completely separated, and separate entrances. The direct connection to a fiber ring in European guarantees complete fault tolerance in the event of problems in Central Switzerland or to Italy.


BCS Business Continuity Service

All services offered are based on multiple cluster and redundant SAN, they can ensure business continuity services on important sectors of the market such as banks, insurance companies, trust companies and large international customers



The Data Center is an autonomy system, so the connections on other carriers also allow the reachability by BGP also link different level.



Professional services, mainly in medium-sized and large companies, offers a UPnet.hosting Account & Sales, dedicated to providing the utmost professionalism on aspects of pre-and post-sale follow the customer in the growth of your business in complete safety



All our facilities have been built in compliance with the highest standards with the aim of providing a highly reliable environment characterized by levels of security, power and extensive connectivity required to meet any mission-critical hosting. Complete the offer datacenter managed services to a wide range of value added services. Both data centers are in accordance with ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS with regard to management of information security. For this reason, the mission-critical infrastructure our customers can count on the full support in terms of security and business continuity. The two structures are also certified ISO 9001 with regard to quality management.